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Soul Archaeologist

Soul Archaeologist is a collection of poems about a journey through the depths of love and life: falling in love, falling out of love (not really) and falling in and out of life. So many dusty, dirty trails led me to the crossroads of my heart, my mind and my soul. I got there, without even realizing when it happened, until a few breaths later. I’m at the crossroads still, I guess. These poems represent my internal dig and how this life, created layers in me, just like the layers of the Earth, with the constant change that can only occur in the storms of the wilderness. This exploration traces back across the history of my years and it lives also in the present hours, the present heartbreaks and the oh-so-Magical seconds in between. I dream of more stars to see, more layers to come, more wild words to be written.


Maura Coyne

Hi There,

I am so glad that you are here! For as long as I can remember, I have loved nature and the wild, wild animals. I have always been a writer, poet and storyteller. My work in the field of holistic therapy has provided me with so many opportunities to connect with people on a quest to create a more fulfilling life. As a rider, hiker and nature lover, I have found that everything we need can be found in the wild messages in nature and the wild spaces in our souls. I hope that you will find a therapy service here that resonates with you and that my writing will inspire a spark-a reminder of the creative artist within you.


All my best,

Maura (Dirty Wild Horse Girl)




Holistic Therapy

Discover the practices of hypnotherapy, breath therapy, mind/body work and meditation and uncover how these practices can support your journey. Create a new wild vision for you life and begin accomplishing the things that matter to you right now!

Horse Therapy

With the support of nature's most noble and wild-hearted souls, explore the blocks and barriers that have been holding you back.   Horses provide humans with the opportunity for self-reflection and can reveal relationship patterns that may be interfering with your ability to live your most authentic life.   Overcome your life challenges and turn those challenges into strengths. 

Writing Therapy

Find your wild words and express  your own unique story in a supportive environment that honors the struggles, lessons and heroic journeys of your life. Writing is healing and I encourage you to write. Write a memoir, write poetry, write random words that make your sing or cry or honor a tree. You have your own interesting way of seeing the world. Write Wildly! And then share those words with me in a Wild Words Session or Workshop! You won't be sorry.

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