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Do you seek to find your own unique combination of holistic healing and confidence? Do you need a new or re-furbished plan for your life purpose or mission? I would love to help you design your adventure and write your story. Check out the services below and let’s chat about how we can team to create a positive path for your future.







Hypnotherapy is like magic. But it is also really logical. Sometimes, we have unmet needs, sometimes we have been taught that emotions are not okay. Many times, we have not been taught to identify, own and express the emotions in healthy ways. Everything goes to our core beliefs about self. Let's uncover that, expose it and let it fly away like a beautiful transformed Phoenix. So that your life becomes easier and a little more effortless.

  • Learn tools for relaxation/stress reduction using hypnosis

  • Connect with limiting beliefs of your sub-conscious mind

  • Activate healthy direction for your life in the powerful sub-conscious 

  • 45 minute sessions provided in person or on a virtual basis


Wild Vision

Using practices and tools designed to target your innermost dreams and desires, I will help you to set, create or renovate your vision and life purpose.  Do you notice that your soul-aligned goals have not been explored or exposed?  If you are ready to start anew, this process will connect you to your inner wisdom and power.  We can do this on a virtual basis or in person, so let's chat over coffee!

  • Discover deeper meaning by creating a new vision for work, your relationships and your future

  • Claim your Now and your Future by creating actionable steps

  • Achieve your goals from what you really want, not what everyone else expects

  • Create a template/written plan for the next year, 5 years, 10 years and into infinity

  • 30 or 60 minute sessions are available 





Meditation / Sports Visualization

(Rider or Non-Rider)

Breathe, relax and take a really cool trip into your mind and heart


  • Identify challenges in riding, other sports and life in general

  • Learn the foundation of meditation and develop a practice schedule to fit your lifestyle

  • Develop the ability to understand the emotional connection and lifelong patterns that you developed to try to stay safe...and then let that go. Bye bye.

  • Build strong, loud, quiet or lovely confidence. 

  • 30 minute sessions available


Wild Goose Equine Experience

Using the assistance of horses, learn to identify your behavioral patterns in life and reactions to others in personal and professional relationships. Through the power of horses, open to your own potential, creativity, and power. (Plus, they are fun and furry and noble and cute)


  • Groundwork with horses

  • Can be combined with hypnotherapy and/or meditation

  • 90 minute Individualized sessions with the Horses

  • Small Group Horse Sessions/Workshops




Wild Words-Write Your Story

Let’s create a plan for you to tell your story. Do you write poetry, memoir, or fiction? Are you new to writing?  Writing is an amazing art form and a natural way to uncover your deepest feelings and tell your life story.


  • Narrative therapy-individualized writing plan that addresses the challenges and themes that unfold in the writing

  • Monthly writing review-assignments for writing in a particular genre of choice and review of writing pieces toward your overall pre-established goal


Wild Words Workshop For Women

Are you a writer or do you have a desire to start writing on a more consistent or serious level? 

This four month workshop is designed for anyone wishing to expand their confidence, share their words and consult with fellow writers related to the challenges and triumphs of writing your story. Whether you are interested in publishing and sharing your work on a worldwide level or you wish to write for your eyes only, this is the place for you.

Writing has incredible therapeutic benefits and allows a deep and healing connection to the subconscious mind.  

  • meet monthly in person for educational presentations, writing and nature time

  • submit words in a confidential online format to review work and receive positive feedback from teammates

  • explore feminine archetypes throughout history

  • write, write, write

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